A personal trainer in the beauty salon… and at home as well!!!

How many times do we promise ourselves to subscribe to the gym or to follow a youtube channel with physical exercises to do at home?


Always, then laziness or lack of time take over and our good purpose is closed in the drawer along with all the advertising brochures.


Intégrée’s research laboratories have formulated TONELAST, a line created specifically to treat the problems of atony, loss of elasticity and compactness of the skin tissue, imperfections through which our body shows the signs of its transformation over time.

As a matter of fact, the skin is the organ that most visibly changes, either as the years go by or as a result of external factors, losing tone, elasticity and showing more or less evident grooves.

Both environmental/exogenous and genetic factors are responsible for these modifications.

When speaking of environmental and exogenous factors, we refer to pollution, incorrect lifestyles, stress, sudden weight losses. All these factors, variable over time, lead to an excessive accumulation of free radicals in the tissues, a reduced cell proliferation, a slower turn over and a lower production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid: the dermis, less compact and dense, loses its natural support capacity.

There are many antioxidant, regenerating and “redensifying” cosmetic substances capable of counteracting these alterations.

Unlike environmental factors, the genetic factors that determine skin aging remain constant throughout life. They represent a sort of “biological clock” that marks the time of skin aging and, more generally, of the aging of all the cells of the human body.

This biological clock, specific of each cell family, determines the replicative capacity of DNA and the consequent proliferation of cells: when the “genetically” predisposed number of divisions is reached, the cells stop reproducing and a degenerative process begins, which is defined as planned “suicide”.

Myrtus Leaves: common denominator of the whole TONELAST line

Myrtle is a spontaneous shrub typical of the Mediterranean scrub with white or pink flowers and fruits, consisting of bluish-black or whitish berries,

In folk medicine myrtle has always been used as an antiseptic, balsamic and decongestant of the mucous membranes of the airways; in cosmetics, its astringent, toning and soothing skin properties are exploited.

In-depth studies have shown that Myrtle extract is able to regulate “the skin biological clock”, intervening on the causes and effects of atony, poor elasticity and alteration of the dermis. The phytocomplex, hydrolyzed in “micromolecules” to facilitate its absorption, is obtained from Myrtle leaves and is mainly made up of sugars including glucose and galacturonic acid, the latter responsible for its biological action.

The complete TONELAST range includes:

  • TONE CHOC INTENSIVE: deep toning up hydrocomplex
  • TONE ACTION: anti-stretch-mark toning multiserum
  • TONE ACTIVE: firming concentrate for body wraps
  • PROTELAST: elasticizing and firming body formula
  • UP: body firming cream “anti-gravity”
  • FIRM UP: ultra-toning firming effect cream