OXEA Science research. The new frontiere of Regenerative Specialized Aesthetics


The skin is an organ defined as «dynamic», as it is in continuous transformation. It is, indeed, affected by a physiological exfoliation process called «turn over», which allows cell renewal and therefore the replacement of old cells with new ones.

However, there are some types of skin with an abnormal «turn over» and more precisely:

  • Aged skin (biological aging): skin appears dull, opaque and with spots, due to the tendency of the stratum corneum to cement and dehydrate, thus losing its capacity to self-exfoliate.
  • Photoaging: skin is particularly aged due to chronic damage caused by ultraviolet rays and exposure to the sun. Skin has a yellowish colour, increased in thickness and with spots.
  • Acne skin: the excessive sebum production prevents the natural eliminiation of corneal cells.

A valid help for these types of skin is undoubtedly the «peeling» which encourages skin renewal, improving its appearance significantly.



Trying to find a less and less artificial beauty, a new natural approach for face rejuvenation emerges today, and the concept of «Regenerative Specialized Aesthetics» is introduced, which aims at revitalizing the skin starting from its own growth and repair factors.

The conquest of well-being intended as «rebalance between body and mind», linked to professional cosmetics which act on the slowing down of the time passing by, has as its starting point a skin which is healthy, cared for and free from all impurities which can block the passage of innovative and more and more natural active ingredients.

Intégrée wanted to be the forerunner of the passage from «Traditional, Healing and Preventive Aesthetics» to «Renegerative Specialized Aesthethics» by creating OXEA, a line of cosmetics and chemical peels that act deeply and safely on skin renovationl and dermal restructuring.



The mission of the Intégrée research labs, composed of international formulators, has always been to create effective and innovative cosmetics, with a high concentration of active ingredients, that act in a targeted manner, stimulating the capacity for self-improvement and self-renewal of the skin.

The benefits of «acids» have been known since ancient times, but only today, thanks to important studies in the cosmetic and aesthetic field, have our labs been able to formulate such advanced and regenerative products that, by taking advantage of the expertise of the beautician, can guarantee results never achieved before.

Thanks to the sophisticated and strategic combination of different acids, two synergies of chemical peelings come to life, OXY 105 and OXY 300, that promote skin regeneration, counteracting the negative effects of the external environment on the skin and favouring the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoacids.

Thus was born OXEA, the brand new line of regenerative cosmetics; the new way of interpreting cosmetic acids.

Improved hydration, brightness, firmness and elasticity of the skin are the immediate effects, visible from the first application.



When we speak of «Regenerative Specialized Aesthetics», we immediately think of product lines composed of acids, intended as «chemical exfoliations» that remove dead cells making skin smooth and radiant.

For the OXEA line our research labs have gone further, focusing exclusively on effective and innovative synergies of plant acids, thus creating products with a high content of natural active ingredients.

Glycolic Acid – carboxylic acid belonging to the family of alpha hydroxide acids – is in fact present in sugar cane, as well as in our body; Mandelic Acid – aromatic alphahydroxy acid – is extracted from bitter almonds; Lactobionic Acid – disaccharide sugary acid – is born from the oxidation of lactose and represents the new generation of hydroxy acids.

In the category of carboxylic acids, not belonging to alpha-hydroxy acids, we find Succinic Acid, present in numerous fruits, especially if unripe such as papaya, wild berries and apples, or in vegetables. Ferulic Acid takes its name from Ferula, a genus of perennial herbaceous plants, and we also find it in oats, wheat, rice, artichokes and coffee, as well as in some fruits such as apples, oranges and pineapple.



OXEA Pre-Oxy Solution

Alcohol-based degreasing and cleansing solution ideal for a deep cleansing of the skin before any Oxea face treatment.

OXEA Anti-Oxy Solution

Buffer solution with 8-8,5 pH, for neautralizing the low pH of acids, and ensuring the skin acid-base balance after the treatment. A real SOS remedy in case of skin irritation



OXY 105 – Glycolic 10% – Succinic 5%

Skilful combination of low molecular weight Glycolic Acid and Succinic Acid with a great antimicrobial and antioxidant activity.

This synergy represents the most powerful ally for:

  • Treatment of acne
  • Treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Treatment of superficial scars
  • Treatment of melasma and seborrheic keratosis


It is able to break and eliminate the connections between the corneocytes of the stratum corneum, reducing skin thickening. Moreover, it interacts with fibroblasts’ receptors, stimulating the production of proteoglycans and collagen in the dermis, thus increasing hydration.

Alpha-hydroxy acids, universally known with the acronym «AHA», are composites found in nature in so many fruits that they are known as «fruit acids».

Among these the most famous is certainly Glycolic Acid, known since ancient times as a «real beauty elixir». As a matter of fact, it is said that the French ladies applied decoctions created with rainwater, roots and fruit extracts on their face, and that even the Sun King, Louis XIV, used to dab on his face a powder based on grape.

Its exclusive characteristic of having a «lower molecular weight» than other acids, enables it to penetrate the skin more deeply. It has a keratolytic action which facilitates the removal of dead superficial cells of the epidermis, stimulating skin renewal and favouring a more rapid cell turnover.

Succinic Acid is instead a carboxylic acid, not belonging to the AHA category, which has a high regenerating power and a higher dermocompatibility than some hydroxy acids. Its great peculiarity is that of not being photosentizing. It plays a fundamental role in the inhibition of the enzymes which involve the degradation of collagen, and it is able to inhibit cell proliferation thus favouring the stimulation of mitochondrial respiration, carrying out also an important antioxidant action.


OXY 300 – Mandelic 30% – Ferulic 2% – Phytic 1% – Lactobionic 0,1%

Careful combination of Mandelic Acid, Lactobionic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Phytic Acid with a strong moisturizing and reparative power.

Oxy 300 rappresents an important instrument for:

  • Exfoliation and peeling of acne-prone skins
  • Rejuvenation treatments
  • Treatment of sensitive and thin skins
  • Depigmenting treatments


It slows down the production of melanin, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin. It counteracts the formation of free radicals responsible for skin aging.

Mandelic Acid is an aromatic alpha-hydroxy acid dervide from the hydrolysis of a bitter almond extract which has excellent exfoliating properties without generating burning sensations and redness. It is particularly active in the reactivation and repair of the skin and it has excellent depigmenting properties. Moreover, not being photosensitizing, it is defined as the «summer peeling».

Lactobionic Acid, known for its strong hygroscopic and long-term moisturizing power, promotes exfoliation and cell renewal, modulating the process of keratinization. It has a very powerful antioxidant action and a remarkable repairing and healing activity, typical of galactose, a sugar that plays a key role in the synthesis and aggregation of collagen, and in cell migration phenomena.

Ferulic Acid is a phytochemical substance found in the seeds and leaves of many plants and has remarkable antioxidant, exfoliating and bleaching properties. It is the perfect collaborator of the beautician in the treatment of skin photoaging, that is, tissue degeneration due to excessive sun exposure.

Phytic Acid is traditionally considered a chelator, i.e. a substance capable of limiting the absorption of some minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, by binding to them and thus forming insoluble salts (phytates and phytin). For such activity it carries out an important «antipollution» action, able to limit the absorption of metals present in «urban» pollution factors.


A precious and exclusive cosmetic cream that reveals all its powers once applied on the face.

Its formula enriched with a powerful natural extract obtained from Prickly Pear, together with Jojoba and Shea Butter and its fluid and fresh consistency, makes it perfect for every type of skin, protecting it and sublimating its radiance.

  • It evens out the complexion
  • It smooths and refines pores
  • It covers imperfections such as signs of fatigue, dark circles, spots and redness
  • It lights up the face and enhances the complexion, moisturizing the skin intensely
  • It helps protect the skin from sunlight thanks to the SPF50+ filter


All the cosmetics belonging to the Oxea line have been formulated and tested to be applied to the exclusive M.E.B.I. method (which stands for Methodology of Integrated Biological Aesthetics), conceived and created by Intégrée.

The M.E.B.I. Method is made up of 3 steps:


Our team of cosmetologists and beauty trainers have carefully studied the problems related to the face of every morphology, relating them to the effects and results obtained with Oxea cosmetics, thus succeeding in creating targeted and personalized work protocols.