On the basis of the scientific studies made by Hippocrates, a Greek doctor who lived in 400 B.C. and who is considered the founder of western medicine, Intégrée created  the M.E.B.I. Method (i.e. the Integrated Biological Aesthetics Method), which today represents the one and only scientific work system, which allows the beautician to create targeted work protocols for each blemish.

What is M.E.B.I.?

It is a scientific system for the identification and implementation of treatment programs that act in an integrated way on blemishes and their biological causes.

What is it for?

For identifying the imbalances that caused the blemishes, thus rebalancing the skin tissue, and for creating customized treatment programs and / or interventions aimed at solving them according to the body morphology.

What are the advantages for the beauty salon?

  1. Technical advantage: achieving an excellent aesthetic result
  2. Professional advantage: economic development, market identity


1. The diagnosis

of the biological causes, through the morphological test that identifies the alterations that caused the blemish.

2. The rebalance

off the functional alterations (causes) which restores the total skin receptivity in the subsequent stages.

3. The integrated treatment

specific on the area affected by the imperfection with effective “tools” (endocosmetics, technology, manual skills, food supplements and feeding reccomendations).