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Flash Evolution

The progress of hair removal

Flash Evolution represents the new frontier of permanent progressive hair removal which, thanks to its particular type of progressive light emission, allows to eliminate unwanted hair, even the most difficult to treat and therefore the lightest and most asphyxiated.

Easy to use, it guarantees a precise and fast treatment, practically painless. Its specialized cooling system allows effective and very pleasant treatments, resulting in a rapid precise hair removal with visible results from the first sessions. Thanks to the Flash Evolution method and its exclusive patent, the treatments manage to guarantee results on all skin types and on all types of hair.


Size: Kgs. 25

Size: 50L x 40P x 25H cm

Power supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz

Power: 800 W max

Light emission: 600nm – 1100nm

Typology: device with controlled energy operation

In compliance with Directives 2004/108/CE – 2006/95/CE





Effective on any kind of phototype

Usable during all seasons

Visible results from the first sessions


Hair, hirsutism and hypertrichosis

Treatment suitable for both small and large areas and also effective for light and more persistent hair