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Linfo Lipo Press

The new frontier of liposculpture
Lipo Linfo Press is the innovative laser light with purifying and specific pressomassage. The combination of these two methods allows for rapid liposculpture and the drainage of excess liquids thanks to the combination of two fundamental functions: the lipolysis of fat cells, with the release of adrenergic substances and toxins, and the rebalancing of the tissue involved.
The contemporaneity of the two actions halves the working time and makes liposculpture a pleasant and painless treatment. Ultra-specific results are visible from the first session. The treatment promotes the remodeling and rebalancing of the body in a functional and aesthetic way

Photobiomodulation is the innovative principle of Lipo Linfo Press thanks to which the natural processes of release from the accumulation of fat cells are reactivated. The association of photobiomodulation with the pressomassage guarantees a complete and new result in aesthetics.


Weight: Kgs.10

Size: 60,5L x 47,2P x 26H cm

Power supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz

Power: 410 VA max

Laser light emission: 880 nm – 1 O Ma

Device typology with controlled energy operation

In compliance with Directives 2004/108/CE – 2006/95/CE


Innovative because it combines the two actions detoxification and lipolysis

Ultra-specific for adipe

Two treatments in one: draining pressomassage and Lipo Laser with targeted action on fat cells

Immediate results from the first sessions


For all types of body fat, even the most persistent

For all cellulite imperfections

3D body remodelling: liposculture, detoxination, drainage, circulatory rebalance