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SK Regenera

Skin-friendly Technology

SK Regenera is a technology that captures air from the environment, compresses it and transforms it into “ionized plasma” by physically transporting it on the skin. The association of this technology with Intégrée’s endocosmetics allows to offer a stimulating and reactivating treatment of the tissue. Such application method allows the enhancement of all the provided active ingredients by increasing the functionalizing actions such as new collagen, elastin, vitamins and tissue-stimulating and reactivating substances. Not only is the air (which physically transports the product to all layers of the skin) limited to the hydration of the epidermal tissues, but it also has an important bactericidal effect.

Thanks to SK Regenera it is possible to nourish all the layers of the skin and strengthen the dermis, working at various epidermal and dermal levels in a physiological and natural way. Versatile and pleasant, it is the ideal treatment for small areas of the body.