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Techno Body Expert

The whole aesthetics expertise
Techno Body Expert is a true technological operator of well-being, a consultant who guides the beautician, enabling her to solve any imperfection in an optimal way. A complete technology for all body blemishes. It has the dual thermal-press function, and pre-memorized programs, designed for aesthetic rebalancing, to perform treatments divided into 4 macro groups of blemishes:

  • DRAINING PROGRAMME: indicated for edematous cellulite – heaviness in the lower limbs – rebalancing of sanguine/lymphatic morphology
  • DETOX PROGRAMME: suitable for fibrous cellulite – mixed cellulite – impure and intoxicated skins – well-being – rebalancing of bilious/nervous morphology
  • PERFECT FORM PROGRAMME: suitable for mixed cellulite – body fat – weight loss
  • GYM TONIC PROGRAMME: indicated for toning – antiaging – remodeling


Weight: Kgs. 10

Size: 60,5L x 47,2P x 26H cm

Power supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz

Power: 410 VA max

Infrared wave length: from 7650 to 12000 nm

In compliance with Directives 2004/108/CE – 2006 /95/CE


Customizable, light and ergonomic corsetry

Silent, intuitive and customizable technology (the programs regulate all pressure and heat parameters)

Two treatments in one: presso-massage + tissue thermostimulation


Dermoaesthetic rebalance


All cellulite imperfections

Body remodelling